DA Approvals

Please see below a list of the most common services we offer.

If you need something else related to our arborist services, please give us a call and hopefully we can help you.

DA and CDC Impact Assessments

Any stage of development, Hugh The Arborist can help. Impact Assessments are a standard requirement when planning to develop through Development Application or Complying Development with trees on or adjoining the site.


This type of report provides you with a detailed site plan overlaid onto your initial survey plan pre-design or Architectural proposal plans. The impact for each tree is calculated based on the plans provided and discussed with recommendations for tree retention and removal inclusive of a Tree Protection Plan for retained trees. All reports I produce are accepted by local councils throughout Australia.

Verbal Consultations

Often detailed written reports are not required and simple verbal advice is sufficient while providing you with the correct level of service. If you are unsure if you even need a report or just want some general tree advice, feel free to call and arrange a verbal consult.

We are always happy to meet on site to discuss any queries you may have. 

Risk Assessments

Peace of mind.


Living around trees can be unnerving at times, especially during the storm season. Trees are continuously changing to adapt to their environments and are often a cause for concern to property residents. The risk assessments I provide contain a detailed analysis of the subject trees using internationally recognised, industry specific methods of risk assessment. These reports are accepted by all local government organisations in Australia. I will provide you with a comprehensive document assessing each potential defect, the targets affected (such as a person or a building) and mitigation options for the management of the risk with the aim to reduce the risk to as low as practicable through responsible Arboricultural practice.


Risk assessments can be carried out on one or multiple trees (for a golf course or retirement village for example)

Decay Assessments

The first process when assessing trees is a visual assessment from ground level. In some cases potential issues cannot be fully diagnosed through visual means. External signs of decay such as fungal brackets may be present or even an open cavity that requires assessment. Internal decay that is not visible externally may be identified using PiCUS Sonic Tomograph testing or acoustic testing.

Climbing Assessments

Aerial inspections are commonly required to visit the crown of trees and the top side of branches to assess for potential defects. Additionally, root investigations below ground may be required to assess potential damage or scope for root pruning.



Hugh The Arborist is one of the few specialist consultancy companies in The Sydney Basin that has a level 5 Arborist who can undertake aerial inspections personally and does not rely on contractors to relay information to a consultant on the ground. 

Pre-Purchase Advice
Method Statements

Replacing a retaining wall or demolishing a house, Councils and Certifiers may require a method statement to maintain compliance when working around trees.

Project Arborist

Maintaining compliance to DA conditions and Tree Preservation whilst managing activities on site is one of many requirements of developers. I can provide you with a productive and practical approach to managing the tree population on your site.


This is often a requirement of councils when a development is taking place close to trees and will be included in your DA conditions for compliance.

Condition Reports

A detailed or brief report into the current health and structural condition of your tree(s). I can provide remedial advice and future maintenance programmes for the most effective and economic management of your trees.


Trees can often cause unknown constraints once the property is purchased. This may be resolved with a simple verbal consult or if the site is to be developed you may like to go ahead with a Development Application report. When buying a new property or block of land to develop, it is helpful to know what your restrictions are with regards to a tree population.

I understand that not every tree issue fits into one of these categories so feel free to contact me with any questions and I will endeavour to help find a solution.