Please read about examples of our work and some comments from our happy customers

Case Study 1

Recently we received a call from a distressed resident who was under heavy pressure to re-submit a Development Application that was missing an Arborist Report.


The Consent Authority had paused the application to request further information if the issues were not resolved within the timeframe the application is refused and the client loses their lodgement fee.


Recognising the urgency, we managed to fit in the assessment and produced the report to meet the deadline for our client. They now have their development approval with conditions and can proceed to construction. Engaging an Arborist in the early stages of the development application will save you time, stress and money.

Case Study 2

A referral came through for us to assess two trees on a residential site that had been the subject of attempted poisoning during a neighbourly conflict.


The resident was extremely upset at the attempt to damage her trees and the trespass issues associated. We met on site to discuss the situation and assess the trees condition. We were able to provide not only advice on remediation for the trees but assist with preventative methods for future conflict and let the resident know her legal rights as a tree owner.


The resident, now a very happy client engaged us for an onsite verbal consultation and obtained all of the information she needed with no written documents.

Case Study 3

Big trees close to property assets can be stressful. A large limb failed from a tree on the north shore damaging a boundary wall and disconnecting power supply. We were engaged to conduct a risk assessment of the tree and provide recommendation’s for risk mitigation.


Using our industry specific risk assessment qualifications, extensive knowledge of tree structure and biomechanics we provided an easy to digest, detailed assessment of the tree and its condition. We identified a second large branch with similar characteristics that would potentially cause more damage if it failed.


Weight reduction pruning of the branches was recommended and specified in the report. Unfortunately, 12 months later the pruning still had not been carried out and the branch failed, disconnecting the power again but this time causing more damage to property than the previous failure.


The property owner was naturally very, very upset at this and we received a call. After an open and friendly discussion the resident recognised the value in having the risk assessment carried out in the first place but more so following through and applying the recommendations for risk management. 

Treetop from Below

Hugh was our saviour when our beautiful 80 year old grey gum had a failure and partially collapsed on our neighbours roof. I needed a level 5 arborist ASAP and Hugh was the not only the most understanding arborist I spoke to that afternoon, he also quickly responded to our urgent call-out to assess and report on the risk to our house and our newly built granny flat. I would definitely recommend Hugh for his professionalism and understanding in these sad and stressful situations, he was also happy to provide advice the next day as our tree sadly had to come down. Luckily nobody was hurt and no further damage occurred. Thanks Hugh. 



Treetop from Below

Hugh provided an Arborist Report for our DA application. He was a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend his services. He gave us advice on our options which was clear and thorough. He is a great communicator and very helpful.



Treetop from Below

Hugh was prompt, professional and I would be happy to recommend him to others



Treetop from Below

Thanks for the great report. We would never had got out application through council without you. Hassle free.

thanks again